Coffee + Dunn consistently guides leading companies to improve processes and make smart, strategic decisions about new technology investments, keeping them well ahead of today’s continually changing marketplace. We’ll help you:

  • Study behaviors and preferences to create an optimal customer experience
  • Identify the optimal campaign strategies that respond to the changing marketplace
  • Balance alignment of sales and marketing talent and resources for the best mix of skills and expertise to future-proof your team
  • Define the best marketing processes to foster productivity, visibility and innovation
  • Continually scan the marketplace for new technologies to improve your results

Whether you’ve automated partially, or not at all, Coffee + Dunn can help you make sense of the options, and benefit in a big way with Customer Experience Design including:

  • Sales and Marketing alignment
  • Audience definition/persona development
  • Customer journey maps/campaign automation
  • Marketing Automation (MA) application selection
  • CRM Implementation planning and project management
  • KPI design and analytics
  • Integration with MA, DAM, and MRM
  • Change Management and end-user training

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