You now have access to the most sophisticated tools ever to plan, manage and execute marketing strategies. Make the most of them.

A successful marketing program requires the flawless integration of countless elements. Coffee + Dunn will help you put the right tools, such as AprimoWorkfront, or Infor, and resources to work for optimal performance from your entire marketing ecosystem, including:

  •  Campaign planning and calendars
  •  Project management / workflow
  •  Creative collaboration / asset review and approval
  •  Digital (content) asset management
  •  Dashboard reporting and analysis
  •  Media management
  •  Vendor management
  •  Budgeting and financial management

How do we do that? Take a look at some of what we can provide right away:

  • Rapid Marketing Operations Assessment
  • Business Case Justification
  • RFP Development + System Selection
  • MRM Implementation
  • Marketing Change Management
  • Post-Implementation Diagnostic

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