5 Tips for Testing Email Marketing Strategies

Surprisingly, many email marketers don’t put a lot of attention into testing, analyzing, and/or evaluating their email marketing strategies. They feel like they don’t have enough time or resources, but that is exactly why you should be testing your email marketing strategies.

Why put all the time and effort into a killer email design if your subject line isn’t enticing your audience to open it? What about your call to action? You’ve put some great content into your email, but can your recipient easily find the call to action button? Or is your call to action appealing enough? Make sure your time and money spent on email marketing is recognized and producing results.

Sales and Marketing Collaboration: Road to Lead Management Success

Sales and Marketing Collaboration: Road to Lead Management Success

Lead Management is a critical framework within a business’ entire sales process. It’s no surprise many organizations struggle to not only generate quality leads but also to manage them. From creating and nurturing quality leads to qualifying sales-ready leads, marketers are responsible for structuring the seamless lead management life cycle that meets their organization’s best interests.

What to Expect in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing Business Edition

Many marketers out there may wonder what Microsoft is up to after its recent announcement about the discontinuation of Dynamics Marketing. While this may be disappointing news for the active Dynamics Marketing users, on the bright side, Microsoft is preparing to release a next generation marketing product that is natively integrated with the Dynamics 365 platform. Let’s explore together some highlights of the roadmap for Dynamics 365 Marketing Business Edition.

Email Marketing

Create and Manage Professional-Looking Marketing Emails via:

  1. Simple, no-code drag and drop content designer
  2. Many professional email templates ready to use (and reuse!)
  3. Basic and Inbox email previews
  4. HTML Editor to edit email content with no restrictions
  5. Complete performance results and Insights for emails sent
  6. Ability to use data from Dynamics 365 entities in emails, including custom entities
  7. Heat map, geographical location maps and other advanced visualizations of email results

Event Management

Event management capabilities in Dynamics 365 for Marketing, Business Edition leverages on Dynamics 365's capabilities to plan for and promote events.

  1. Seamless contact, registration, and attendance management features in one system
  2. Business process flow to guide the essentials steps in event planning
  3. Session and track management
  4. Pass management system that tracks attendance eligibility
  5. Venue management tracking buildings, rooms, and room layouts
  6. Guest logistics with Hotels, Hotel Room allocation and reservations
  7. Sponsor Management system tracking sponsors and their sponsorships for each event
  8. Webinars
    • Create a Webinar in CRM or your ON24 account and have them synchronized
    • OOB Webinar extensions to allow syncing of webinar metrics with ON24
  9. Contact attendance history displaying Events and Sessions attended
  10. Voice Of Customer (VOC) Survey integration

Landing Pages

Create and publish professional looking landing pages to capture website visitors as contacts or leads.

  1. Simple no-code drag and drop editor to create and publish landing pages with lead or contact forms
  2. Consistent content editing experience for emails, landing pages and forms
  3. Ready to use form and page templates  
  4. Track prospect behavior on landing pages to analyze performance
  5. Support for creating subscription center pages and forward to friend pages to use in emails
  6. Tight integration with customer journeys, email marketing and lead scoring

Lead Management

Lead Management capabilities in Dynamics 365 Marketing, Business Edition light up the Demand Generation capabilities for a Marketer.  D365 Marketing provides Lead Generation, Lead Nurture, Lead Marketing to Sales Qualification, Lead Scoring plus Prioritizing and Demand Generation effectiveness measurement capabilities.

Multi-Channel Campaign Management

Create and run Customer Journeys for orchestrating multi-step, multi-channel campaigns to generate the best leads from email marketing, web landing pages, LinkedIn, webinars, and more.

  1. Simple drag and drop design
  2. View and edit marketing content in one place
  3. Embedded content designers
  4. Event driven extensible automation
  5. In-place insights
  6. Easy visualization of journeys
  7. Customizable Customer Journey Templates

LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms

Bring your LinkedIn leads into Dynamics 365 (online) for follow-up and nurturing. The Microsoft Dynamics 365 Connector for LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms allows you to automatically sync leads captured on LinkedIn with your Dynamics 365 (online) organization so that your sales and marketing teams can develop and nurture them.

Reporting and Analytics

Configurable dashboards and reports help you track campaign performance and identify your best lead sources and marketing activities. Bring together sales and marketing results into reports to track and increase marketing's impact on your business.

With Dynamics 365 for Marketing, Business Edition you truly will nurture more sales-ready leads, align sales and marketing, and make smarter decisions. We are eager to see what exciting marketing features Dynamics 365 Marketing will bring us marketers. Stay tuned! 

Coffee + Dunn is a leading advisory and implementation partner for ClickDimensions, Microsoft, Adobe, and other leading marketing technogies. Uniquely focused on the marketing solutions that align with Microsoft Dynamics 365, we bring our clients thoughtful and practical process and technology solutions for marketing.  Our award-winning services have advanced the effectiveness and efficiency of our clients across various industries including financial services, technology, manufacturing, consumer goods and federal government.

Important Announcement for Microsoft Dynamics Marketing Customers

In November 2016, Microsoft announced Dynamics CRM would become a part of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Enterprise Edition, and Microsoft Dynamics Marketing (MDM) would no longer be available for new licensing. Microsoft would develop Dynamics 365 Business Edition which would incorporate a new marketing module, available in Spring 2017 (now Spring 2018).

On August 18, Microsoft announced the discontinuation of the Microsoft Dynamics Marketing service, effective May 15, 2018. Customers may continue to use MDM for the duration of their current subscription agreement or through May 15, 2018 (whichever comes first), and will no longer be charged a monthly fee effective October 1, 2017 through the end of MDM service.

As a leading provider of Dynamics 365/CRM related marketing technology services and solutions, Coffee + Dunn fully understands how this change may affect your business. We are committed to helping minimize this impact while also enhancing your marketing capabilities.

We have developed a “Quick Convert” program to quickly, correctly, and completely transition MDM customers over to a new Marketing Automation platform. The program incorporates several components to address your marketing needs:

  • Rapid assessment of current state and future solution needs
  • Education and sourcing of alternative marketing solutions
  • Re-implementation (Quick Convert Migration) to new marketing solution
  • Change Management to drive stakeholder and user adoption of the new system

With hundreds of implementation projects under our belt, our team stands ready to help. Contact us today for more information!

Why You Need a Lead Scoring Model

Why You Need a Lead Scoring Model

Today’s marketers have access to so much information about their prospects, but they struggle to use it and benefit from it.  As marketers, we can use this information to learn more about our prospects, who they are, what they want, and how interested they are in your product/service/company.  One of the ways to prioritize and to utilize this information is to score leads and identify who the best prospects are, whom to focus our efforts on, and who is ready to be passed to Sales for more personal engagement. 

Lead scoring is often thought of as being too complicated, but even a simple lead scoring model can save your company time and money, and qualify sales ready leads and generate more revenue. 

6 Ways to Compose Effective Email Marketing Messages

6 Ways to Compose Effective Email Marketing Messages

For more than a decade, email marketing has been one of the most important means to interact and engage with leads. While the importance of email marketing has not changed (rather amplified), the trend has been changing apace. As the visibility of web-based marketing, such as social media and online-ads, has increased to a broader audience, people have become more selective on what they want to see and what they don’t. 

ClickDimensions as a Recruitment Tool

ClickDimensions as a Recruitment Tool

A government run volunteer agency sought a cost effective, commercially available, cloud-based tool to efficiently and professionally support its national recruitment teams by fostering its ongoing marketing efforts, and reporting platforms. The agency selected ClickDimensions as the tool to fit their needs.  Coffee + Dunn was appointed to lead the implementation of ClickDimensions along with technical consulting firm, Information Strategies Inc.  Their extensive business process is critical to the agency’s ability to generate large volumes of leads supplying recruiters with almost 23,000 applicants for an estimated 3,000 jobs per year.

Top Ten Ways to Avoid the Spam Filter

Email marketing is has become one of the most effective channels to reach your desired customers with targeted, personalized, and timely communications.  However, with the explosion of email marketing, the risks of ending up in your customer’s Spam filter are high.  Consider the recommendations below to improve your email marketing success.

We Have Microsoft Dynamics Marketing. So Now What? (Part 3 of 3)

In 2016 Microsoft suspend sales of Dynamics Marketing creating a challenge for MRM users.  While Microsoft has not offered a specific roadmap to replace MRM functionality, several ISV's exist which can make up for the loss in native Microsoft functionality.

We Have Microsoft Dynamics Marketing. So Now What? (Part 2 of 3)

Marketing Automation users have a couple of options.  Stay with Microsoft and transition to Dynamics 365 Marketing Business Edition, switch to ISV's such as ClickDimensions, Emarsys, Act-on or Marketo, or make the jump to Adobe Campaign, Microsoft's "preferred" vendor for enterprise clients.

We Have Microsoft Dynamics Marketing. So Now What? (3 part series)

MDM users are in for a change.  On the heels of its 2012 acquisition of Marketing Pilot, Microsoft set out to develop an end-to-end marketing application that would expand Microsoft’s business application footprint, and allow competition with the likes of Salesforce.com, IBM, and Oracle.