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Why Sales and Marketing are Better When They Work Together


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While sales and marketing people have a long history of not working well together, in today’s social world divisiveness is not an option. The way people buy has changed — they enter the buying cycle later and are more educated about their options — which means that sales and marketing teams have to cooperate and coordinate their interactions.

The good news is that while modern technology has changed the way people buy, it can also change the way teams collaborate. When done right, business systems drive the processes that sales and marketing agree will optimize closed deals. Silos are broken down and knowledge is shared freely. Everyone has visibility and everyone is accountable to established metrics — not for blame, but for continuous improvement.

In this eBook, we’ll show you how these two essential teams can work in unison to grow your business. Working collaboratively, your sales and marketing teams can make great things happen for your prospects, your customers, and your business. Find out how you can put the systems in place that will allow your sales and marketing teams to:

  1. Master social selling through collaboration
  2. Improve visibility into planning and execution
  3. Pursue and nurture leads strategically
  4. Design workflow to maximize lead-to-conversion
  5. Share corporate knowledge to close sales faster
  6. Use data and analytics to build a proactive sales approach