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Why Sales and Marketing are Better When They Work Together

While sales and marketing people have a long history of not working well together, in today’s social world divisiveness is not an option. The way people buy has changed — they enter the buying cycle later and are more educated about their options — which means that sales and marketing ...read more


Whitepaper: Content Marketing is Bigger Than Marketing

How to Make Sure Your Organization's Conversations Build the Relationships that Drive Big Results

Think of content as a conversation – a conversation between your prospects and customers, and those who represent everyone in your organization. The conversations you create extend from and back to the far reaches of your enterprise – which is precisely the premise of this paper: Content marketing is bigger than marketing. Is ...read more


Whitepaper: Read how one CPG giant stands to save $4 million/year with Digital Asset Management

One Lost Digital Asset Plus One Lost Weekend Leads to One Effective Approach to DAM

One Friday evening earlier this year, the CEO of a Fortune 500 CPG company was preparing his deck for a shareholders’ meeting. Where was the new TV spot he wanted to embed? He couldn’t find it. The next two days were spent in search of the asset. A series of ...read more


White Paper: Why CRM and Marketing Technologies Belong Together

Marrying Sales & Marketing Technologies for Complete Customer Lifecycle Management

Organizations that have successfully deployed CRM are reaping the benefits: improved visibility into the sales process; ready access to information on trends and performance, and increased accountability among sales team members. But even with all this going on, it’s clear something’s missing. CRM needs a soul mate. CRM, primarily a ...read more


White Paper: Big Marketing – Why You Can’t Do Cool Without It

Marketers love cool. We all want to do cool stuff. But given the current, complex state of marketing—global, multichannel, technology-driven—many marketing organizations aren’t yet capable of pulling it off. Sure, you can blame Big Data or a multitude of other challenges. But the answer isn’t another Big Data solution. It’s ...read more


White Paper: The Role Finance Plays in a Successful Marketing Organization

Marketing's Got Questions, Marketing Finance Has Answers.

Marketing and finance have traditionally been at odds, it’s true. Those within the two disciplines think differently — and act accordingly. Flexible, fluid marketers are driven by ideas and intangibles, while explicit, exacting accountants are compelled by numbers and budgets (of course). But those on both sides of the table ...read more


White Paper: DAM – It’s About the Components, Not A Single Off-The-Shelf System

We believe a traditional off-the-shelf DAM solution is only one piece of the technology puzzle. So what’s missing?

The complex mix of teams, brands, processes, and technologies that marketing and creative leaders must navigate is at the heart of digital asset management challenges. Asset volumes are increasing along with the pace of competition. Combine this with the variety of assets required to reach your audience and the need ...read more

Marketing Resource Management Perspective

White Paper: Marketing Resource Management

Emerging Perspectives on Marketing's Back-office and the Realities of Current Solutions.

This paper, from Coffee + Dunn, aims to help marketers better leverage available Marketing Resource Management (MRM) technology by decoding vendor capabilities with real-world understanding of how the software functions.


White Paper: Marketing is Different

Those who know marketing know that traditional approaches to operations do not fit.

In the last decade, thousands of papers and presentations have been written to instruct marketing and IT practitioners in how to improve the way they execute marketing campaigns. Based on this thinking, agencies, consultants, and technology advisors have claimed a multitude of empirical efficiency gains on behalf of their clients. ...read more