Is Marketing ROI Possible?
Track Budgets, Costs and Vendor Performance.

Financial Management & Measurement

Most marketing organizations don’t do a good job of capturing costs against budget. If the marketing group has a formal budget — and it may not — it’s often at a general ledger level, not at campaign or project level. This makes it difficult for marketers to assess the return on a particular campaign.

Financial Management & Measurement

Your organization needs the ability to see actual spend against budget at each step in the process, for each campaign. This more granular level guides accurate, dollar-wise decisions that make marketing resource allocation more effective.

It may be that you already have a resource management system in place that tracks planning, channels, agency spend and other expenses, but it’s not meeting your specific business needs, is cumbersome to use, or your teams do everything they can to avoid it. Now more than ever, marketing executives need to speak the same language as the CFO, and be able to attribute actual sales and revenue against marketing investments to prove their effectiveness.

We ensure that the stage is set for that conversation.

Financial management + measurement deliverables include:

  • Marketing Operations Assessment
  • Operational KPI Model + Reporting Plan
  • Enterprise Planning + Procurement Integration
  • Marketing Spend Analysis
  • Agency + Vendor Optimization

Let us help your marketing team implement effective reporting plans, KPIs and vendor optimization. Contact us for more information about financial management consulting.