Feel out of control?
Improve your approach to managing digital assets.

Digital Asset Management (DAM)

Managing the myriad of creative, brand, and marketing assets in any organization can be a bear. We know how important it is to have a Digital Asset Management System (DAM) that can tame your assets and put you back in control.

Digital Asset Management & Implementation

Whether or not you currently have a digital asset management system implemented, effectively managing complex asset creation and distribution across large organizations can be challenging. Most marketers admit they’re not where they want to be – given the sheer volume of digital assets that they manage on a daily basis. Marketers and their agencies operate with multiple repositories – possibly making assets difficult to find. As a result, your team is consumed with searching for and finding what they need. Sometimes, they’re having to create the same assets multiple times.

At Coffee + Dunn, we encourage marketers to take heart. Starting with well designed creation and distribution process, standards, metadata, and organizational alignment, the right DAM system improves performance in a range of essential areas:

  • Realize greater value from existing assets
  • Collaborate and share assets better with global business units
  • Improve searchability and reuse across all distribution channels
  • Streamline the creation of new assets
  • Establish corporate repository for agencies and vendors
  • Ensure brand compliance and versioning integrity

Digital Asset Management plays a very important role in enabling successful markers to quickly create and trans-create content at the speed of the marketplace. It is the secret that many of the world’s most successful companies employ to maintain and grow their market share.

Call on Coffee + Dunn for the practical, hands-on  expertise.

Digital asset management deliverables include:

  • Asset Audit and Needs Assessment
  • Business Case Justification
  • RFP Development + System Selection
  • Taxonomy design
  • DAM Implementation Plan
  • Full Lifecycle Management (process, standards, training, governance)
  • Post-Implementation Diagnostic

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