Strategy, Process First.
Then Technology.

Integrated Marketing Solutions

A top-down, layered approach to solution selection and adoption ensures alignment of marketing technology with the organization’s business model and customer experience — and is key to the ability to deliver on technologies’ promises.


When it’s time to deploy the solutions that automate marketing workflows and make your team more effective, Coffee + Dunn has found it pays to reach across the aisle. Marketing traditionally thinks IT doesn’t get them and the feeling is often mutual. Our team works with both marketing and IT to help you select and implement the technology that accomplishes the goals of both organizations: Maximized time-to-benefit for marketing, and seamless integration with the systems employed by the rest of the enterprise.

Employing new technology to automate marketing processes takes a concerted effort to align all involved — those in traditional marketing roles (creative, administrative, operational, analytical) and people at every level in IT (as well as sales and the C-suite). As marketing and IT realize they need each other, disconnects between one another’s priorities are easing, and bridges are building.

To facilitate this integration, progressive enterprises are engaging Coffee + Dunn. Our team of marketing capabilities experts wields hands-on practical marketing know-how coupled with technology prowess to fill the gap between marketing leadership and IT managers who support marketing.

Our Solutions services include:

Solution Selection & Implementation. Automating workflow requires granular detail to make sure technology does its job. When sourcing marketing solutions it takes a detailed approach to integration, process alignment and training to assure success.

Multi-Channel Campaign Management (MCCM). (Also known as Marketing Automation (MA)/Marketing Automation Platform (MAP)) for effective automation and integration of planning, production and tracking of all communications — across all channels.

Marketing Resource Management (MRM). Get the back-office tools you need to allocate, prioritize and manage internal and external resources — and most efficiently and effectively meet your marketing and sales organization’s goals.

Digital Asset Management (DAM). Tame your creative, brand and marketing assets to put you back in control. C+D helps you meet the challenge of complex asset creation, updates and distribution across large organizations.

Financial Management & Measurement. Let us help you capture your relevant marketing investments in a useful way. Integrating the discipline of finance into the fluid world of marketing delivers exponential benefit for the entire enterprise.

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