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Application-Agnostic Consulting.

Technology Consulting

You thought this was it — the one piece of software that would finally link all of your people, departments and functions in one big group cyber-hug of technological happiness. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen. We’ve seen this before.


The problem with marketing technology is not necessarily that you’ve chosen the wrong solution. Often, your work is evolving so fast, it’s difficult for the technology to keep up with new channels, outputs and demands.

Often, the way to move forward is a step back — taking a broad view of your operational and customer-facing technologies and develop a vision and implementation plan to align technology and process across the organization. This includes:

  • Resource management
  • Campaign management
  • Digital asset management
  • Content management
  • Financial planning and procurement
  • Reporting and analytics

Knowledge or communication breakdowns are often caused by differences in terminology being used by IT, finance, accounting and marketing. We help you address the process, organizational and operational redundancies and failures that are getting in the way of your success.

The bottom line? You’ll finally enjoy the value you anticipated in terms of useful data, information sharing and visibility.

Transformation planning deliverables include:

  • Rapid Marketing Operations Assessment
  • Business Case Justification
  • Capability Roadmap
  • Marketing Operating Model

Marketing technology deliverables include:

  • Marketing Technology Vision
  • RFP Development + System Selection
  • Full Lifecycle Management
  • Operation + Maintenance
  • Post-Implementation Diagnostic

Let our team of experts help you implement new marketing technologies to integrate DAM, CRM, Multi-Channel Campaign Management and Analytics software for more effective marketing automation. Contact us today for more information.