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Organizational Design

Most big marketing organizations were not created “big.” They evolved there. And evolution can be ugly. At Coffee + Dunn, we think some “ugly” is okay.

Marketing Organizational Design

Good organizational design takes the silos, fragmented processes and reporting structures that have evolved over time and recasts them into a viable model that allows for the richness of ideas inherent in great marketing. It aligns the organization to efficiently and consistently deliver orchestrated multi-channel campaigns while preserving the important interaction that makes marketing creative and fun.

One size never fits all. That’s why we typically start with a rapid operations assessment — to get the big picture of why and how your organization works the way it does. We’ll help you uncover the root causes of operational pains, and develop an action plan to address capability gaps and improvement opportunities.

We’ll define objectives, goals, strategies and measures to ensure that the marketing function is aligned top to bottom with business priorities. And then we’ll create a new, cohesive framework — one that’s based on process and accepts and supports your organization’s uniqueness while freeing you to meet your objectives around the globe.

Transformation planning deliverables include:

  • Rapid Marketing Operations Assessment
  • Business Case Justification
  • Capability Roadmap
  • Marketing Operating Model

Organizational design deliverables include:

  • Organizational Design
  • Skills  Assessment
  • Objectives, Goals, Strategies, Measures (OGSM) Framework
  • Change Management & Transition Plan

Let Coffee + Dunn help you transform your marketing organization with strategic organizational design. Contact us today for more information about our consulting services.