Leading the Charge

Digital Transformation Consulting

The nature of demand has changed. Buyers are stepping up and speaking out, and their message is clear. They want automated service, life-easing apps and content their way. They’re looking for truly engaging ways to, well, engage.

Today’s marketing leaders know the success of their organization depends on meeting buyers’ expectations for a unified experience. Problem is, the confluence of technology, the proliferation of channels and Big Data demands impede their ability to deliver what customers are clamoring for.

Instead of undertaking the digital transformation needed to harness today’s marketing complexity, the impulse has been to simply bolt on new capabilities—without the thoughtful integration needed for seamless interaction between buyers and brand.

Coffee + Dunn is uniquely qualified to help clients transform. Instead of quick so-called fixes, we help clients apply the emerging operational, management and technology approaches that equip them to navigate the new complexity and overcome barriers to market leadership. We’ve successfully guided leading companies as they reform customer-facing processes and strategically select new technologies—enabling them to speed up, scale and be more agile in today’s state of perpetual change.

Clients engaging with Coffee + Dunn work closely with our team of marketing technologists to:

  • Study behaviors and preferences to define an optimal demand-side customer experience
  • Balance talent and create organizational structure to encompass the right mix of generalists and specialists, creatives and technologists, analytics and operations experts
  • Continually scan the marketplace to identify the new technologies to automate a digital marketing environment
  • Promote to the team internally, and among outsourced partners (agencies, consultants, etc.), the need for digital transformation through comprehensive, executive-supported change management

Contact Coffee + Dunn to help you make the transformation that allows you to capitalize on the unprecedented opportunities of today’s digital marketing landscape. Our expertise is helping you design and implement the operational and technology improvements needed to make social, mobile and digital marketing initiatives work for the benefit of the customer—and the entire organization.