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Change Management

Nimble. Agile. Quick. Are these adjectives that describe your marketing organization? If not, you need Coffee + Dunn.

Marketing Change Management

Because marketing is different, change management requires a specific understanding of marketing’s unique characteristics. Many marketing organizations are behind the curve in achieving competitive agility. The problem is, the marketing function itself has changed. You have new marketing technologies and opportunities your current state simply can’t accommodate.

In marketing, change management goes way beyond implementing a new system and training people to work with it. It involves changing the way you do your work—different behaviors, different inputs, different relationships and different decisions.

It’s imperative that your organization be able to adapt to new paths quickly. With the right processes in place, this can happen seamlessly and organically. Being change ready becomes the new status quo.

Change management deliverables include:

  • Program + Project Management
  • Change Readiness + Risk Profile
  • Stakeholder Analysis + Impact Plan
  • Communication Plan + Implementation
  • Performance + Perception Tracking