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CMO Advisory

Exponentially increasing globalization, competition and management scrutiny, coupled with an expanding number of data inputs, organizational and systemic silos, and the need to produce meaningful business intelligence… never before has marketing been more challenging, or full of more possibility.



Coffee + Dunn knows what it takes to capitalize on the unprecedented opportunities of today’s marketing environment. Social, mobile, content marketing—C+D works with CMOs to instill the capabilities that make these and other important initiatives work for the benefit of your entire organization, and the customers you serve.

C+D partners with marketing execs from large B2B and B2C companies to navigate the complexities that stand between your current state … and market leadership. As integrated marketing management experts providing actionable advisory services, we provide the services that help balance business planning, creative collaboration and operational discipline. We bridge the gap to optimize your marketing capacities to enable the innovation that helps you move ahead, and take the lead.

Our CMO Advisory services include:

Marketing Operating Model. A top-to-bottom, layered approach to aligning marketing’s process and technology begins with the marketing operating model. Based on a firm-level business model and customer experience design, the marketing operating model is the CMO’s articulation of its marketing management vision, and is the first step toward enabling the innovative marketing that wows customers—and scares the competition.

End-to-End Process. How about a practical, end-to-end process that marketing stakeholders actually can—and will—follow? We believe the best way to successfully improve marketing processes is to not over-engineer them. Done right, high-level process accommodates marketing’s need for flexibility and its iterative ways while aligning with the organization’s vision every step of the way.

Technology Consulting. Strategic system selection is key to maximizing the benefits of technology. Whether you have the system you need, or need to source new solutions, we work with you help you most effectively automate your processes, integrate with adjacent tools and stay in sync with your enterprise IT strategy.

Marketing Organizational Design. It’s among a marketing organization’s most difficult problems, and righting it is critical to success. Clearly defining and assigning roles and relationships that maximize effort, best utilize skills and streamline processes has profound impact on marketing results.

Change Management. Marketing teams think and operate differently than other teams. Transition to new processes, structures or technologies requires a comprehensive understanding of the unique dynamics of marketing, and must employ an approach that factors in the need for flexibility, as well as careful, contextual management.

In-House Marketing Agencies. If you’re an in-house team looking to move to an agency model, or are already there but recognizing optimization is in order, C+D can help you cook up the right agency operating model for your creative services group—supported by end-to-end process and on-target technology—that helps you advance your organization.

For more information about our CMO Advisory services, contact the Coffee + Dunn team today.