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Coffee + Dunn is proud to serve the needs of Fortune 500 caliber clients, as well as fast growing midsize companies.  Our focus is to bring operational improvement to your organization, whether that means defining or redefining new structures, processes, and technology.  Our experience spans all cultures from those requiring the highest level of rigor to meet compliance requirements, to the most flexible environments where independence and creative innovation are the highest priority.  Our clients represent Financial Services, Life Sciences, Technology, Retail, Consumer Goods, and Hospitality.  Our work spans B2C, B2B2C, and B2B business models.We are seeking you if you are a:

  • Corporate marketing leader (CMO, VP Marketing, Marketing Operations)
  • Line of Business leader (GM, Sales, Marketing)
  • IT or finance leader who supports marketing

We are most effective when you are:

  • New to a leadership role, and seeking strategic guidance
  • New to your company, and seeking an assessment of the current state
  • A change agent who’s looking to take your marketing to the next level (or up to competitive level)
  • Experienced partnering with proven consultants and value unbiased external expertise
  • A leader, not a follower

Our services can be of most benefit when:

  • Your company is losing (competitively) in the marketplace
  • Agency costs/headcount are increasing, but productivity, quality, speed are waning
  • Your team is under pressure to get more done, but in less time and with fewer resources
  • You are tired of dealing with internal bureaucracy
  • You are losing your best resources (who are frustrated with status quo and want new challenges)
  • Your budget is being cut (or is being expanded) and now need to prioritize
  • Your credibility or your own job are at risk

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