Marketing. We’ve Done It. We Love It.
But the Inefficiencies Drive Us Crazy.

About Coffee + Dunn

Like most marketers, we enjoy the unique mix of art and science that makes marketing fun. But our years of experience have led us to tackle one aspect of marketing that others find perhaps a bit less exciting: the operational challenges that prevent marketing organizations from reaching their potential.

Marketing Organization ConsultingWe’ll tell you things you haven’t thought of before.

We enjoy tackling the messy stuff, the behind-the-scenes ins and outs of the marketing function. Aligning and reinvigorating the systems, technologies, processes and models that should make marketing work, but sometimes get in the way.

We’re innovative. Just ask our clients. We can often find solutions using the people, partners and assets you already have.

We’re realistic. Practicality rules at Coffee + Dunn. As trusted advisors to some of the world’s best marketing organizations, we’ve learned what works and what doesn’t.

We’re focused on outcomes. We’ll give you ideas and solutions that really work — in weeks, not years. And when needed, we’ll provide you with a roadmap to operational transformation.

We’re experienced. Our collective experience includes a range of industries, but marketing has always been our focus. We draw upon a diverse set of skills ranging from agency to corporate operations to IT.

There’s no risk when you work with Coffee + Dunn. We’ve developed a measurement system for our own work — one that sets clear expectations up front, delivers regular status updates throughout, and allows us to capture and respond to feedback at project end. However, if you’re not satisfied with the results of our recommendations, we’ll keep working until we get it right.